The average enlightened mind experiences itself as superstatic and empty.

It deals intuitively with language.  It takes a evolutionary rest in meditation and brings back the left-overs in words  and rituals.

Lacking the understanding of the dynamic of forms, its cybernetics, it has lost the understanding that the mind is superfluid.

If you know, you have an illusion, the illusion becomes a fact. If the illusion occurs naturally and stays, you can bet it isn’t a mistake.

                                 It’s simple,  how you deal with your ego gives you choice to design who you become.

Just as when your hands hurt, you don’t blame your hands,  or say they don’t exist.

Don’t deal with your ego in this manner.  You would become more mindful of your hands and as you do so more playful.

This is it evolutionary purpose of the ego to intentionally increase love and playfulness.

You can notice this, as it becomes increased naturally through meditation and lived humanness .

The illusion of the ego is actually a product of this mind, creating a living entity, which we give birth to  in order to understand how to deal with others.

The Ego is an operating system allowing you to become intentionally part of the greatest show on earth: evolution.

The Ego’s purpose is to intentionally increase playfulness and love. You notice this, as this increases through meditation or when you feel „truly“ human.

If your ego hurts, if your ego destroys your relationships and, on the larger scale, the whole planet, this merely shows your lack of understanding.

No one is evil. You are just out of touch with who you are: a living organism. That’s the problem.

You wonder why the self-organizational processes of our ego structures threaten to destroy this earth?

If the purpose of a system is what is does, then the message is that learning to live who you are is your primary biological purpose and the evolutionary responsibility you have by virtue of having attained self-consciousness.

Love thyself. Learn who you are. Exploration is the method, is your life—the biosphere depends on it.