The Regeneration Lounge is a place of relaxation and commutation. People can live their openness in a safe atmosphere that is often restrained in everyday life. Under the lead of Mag. Dr. Lucas

Regeneration Lounge is a information- and communication platform through which can realize the narratives we live in and realize who we can influence and change them.

Mindfulness and our doing as part of the happening of our ecological change, the organic turn, is what brings forth the consciousness, gives birth to new life forms, this is what Regeneration Lounge is centered upon.

The Regeneration Lounge is a language game modelled after Dr. Pawlik’s game of life. This game is form through three principles:

  1. Play in a way that everybody, who plays with you, wins.
  2. Play, so that everybody, who play with you wins and whoever plays with you is allowed to play more.  The more we win together the more we can play.
  3. All patterns, imaginations and adventures, in which we realize ourselves together. Everything which is detrimental to our realizing our being together, will be questioned.
  4. Creates a way through which everybody wins.

We don’t want a revolution. We are the revolution. We are more, we are lived Evolution. It is our mission to document and share the change of living together.

All economical means are part of our realization of the organic turn, an ecological change of our way of living on this planet. Individual- and group work, lectures and seminars give the opportunity live the praxis of our biologiy of love und our living in tendernsess. To learn from planet, which can also be products, which can be allies, is an essential Part of our mission “Regeneration Lounge”.  A sustainable life style begins in dreaming, trance and visions as well in as in our daily lives. When we create the world , we want to live in, we become Psychonauts – we become wanderes of the landscapes of our soul.

The Regeneration Lounge is a place of Peace and Well-Being and of commutation.  Reality is community.  In the reality of our communication and imagination we can come together as human becomings embraced by the openess, which has left our every lives in so many cases. Mail:

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