Regeneration Lounge is a private communication platform through which people interested in self-awareness can realize the narratives we live in and realize how we are influencing and changing them.

We don’t need a revolution. We are the revolution, and we are more. We are living evolution. Thus it is our mission to document and share the transformation of our living together, which we want to conserve.

The Regeneration Lounge is a provocative language game modeled after Dr. Pawlik’s game of life. This game is played following three principles:

  1. Create a game in which everybody, who plays with you, wins.
  2. Create a game in which those who win most from playing with you can play most often with you. – The more we win together the more we can play.
  3. Everything which is detrimental to our playing has to be questioned.
  4. If any of those rules are broken, it has to create a new game in which everybody who plays wins.


Please contact us for further information:
Mobile: 0676 74 85 874