Love is the answer:

Whether love is not the answer has to be found out. What has been firmly established, however, is that war does not help us to stabilize us to live freely, to live in love as human beings, as human becomings who can succumb to our own transformation through the ongoing realization of ourselves in living, in expressing, in inventing ourselves in language.

History is a nightmare:

History is a nightmare we are trying to wake up from. A nightmare which shows a destabilizing cycle of distress in everyone, including the complete environment and the economic balance of all species. This destabilizing cycle is exhibited when we engage in systematic use of violence as a means to fulfil our own wishes.

Our continuing struggle for the domination of others and our continuous attempts of controlling our lives by means of violence and aggression has become an endangerment not only to ourselves, but to the whole planet. The importance of non-violent collaboration, of loving engagement can therefore not be overestimated. It is what I believe cures the planet. Furthermore, I believe that the belief in love, tenderness, and trust as a set of lived priorities cures us and the planet. In this case believing creates seeing. We see how we create a future we wish for through the conservation of loving relationships which this future is a result of.

This the proposal:

No one must love, but everybody can love. Everyone can reconnect to his or her actual existence on this planet.

The machine age:

The machine age was a brief episode in the history of human species. We are leaving a heavy metal, high-pressure, high-temperature, industry-based infrastructure. At the same time we make our peace with nature.

The organic change:

We will invent a low-pressure, low-energy-based technology modeling the organic growing processes of nature that surround us and that we are immersed in. Our technology will no longer produce the problematic chemical and physical by-products like the pollution and destruction of our environment our current technology produces.

Melting into the matrix:

An additional possibility that will arise through this is that we will be able to use the organic matrix of our biosphere and extend our technology into this new understanding of nature.

You might for example be connected wireless to the Internet by touching a tree. We will break the human agricultural cycle as food will be produced this way naturally and supernaturally as the human becoming dissolves on its Promethean journey of technological prostheses. The boundary of the natural and the unnatural will as well dissolve.

Love as an evolutionary enabler:

Love enables an adequate set of possibilities of acting and collaboration. The task is not to change history, but to steer the change that is already happening. Our task is a cybernetic one in which we have not focused our attention enough on the ship we are steering. Looking at the results of this steering process in the environmental changes of our planet leaves no room for doubt that we are steering this process. Steering this process in a manner that evokes rather apocalyptical fantasies than evangelic ones. But the Apocalypse has to be cancelled.

The Apocalypse – a fascinating story:

Well, it is a fascinating story of unimaginable horrors evoked by the ingenuity of human evil and paranoid human aggressiveness. It has to disperse to give way for a new kind of human history centered around love and tenderness. Tenderness as the well-being in the presence of the other.

The other history of humanking – a history of love

The other, who in the case of self-reflection and/or self-awareness is you, yourself. Understood this way, love can be practiced in the action of reflection as well as in any other action done together and in that sense also done in a manner in which you are never alone. You are always with somebody, yourself. Wisdom in this sense informs all human actions from the way you walk or sit to the way you eat, think, imagine, dream, relax and sleep. Everything is done in a different manner with a different biochemistry as the plasticity of the brain is nurtured by love. The errors of love are different kind of errors. In the sense of perceiving the other as a legitimate other in your transaction combined with tenderness as the well-being in the nearness of the other, love lays the basis for an evolution of human cognition as well as an evolution in the general health of the human species.

Necessary enactment:

The drama of the world has been turned into a giant soap opera. The people of the world do not understand that it is their story. They will eat it in the final act if they don’t stand up and howl.

As we are reality producing organism we must abandon our life style of consumerism for the masses.  The masses themselves have to mass produce.  The organic mass production will lead to an architectual paradigm shift into a life style of environmental nesting that at the same time will change the antlia of this earth.  The urb’s orbing must naturally lead to green cities with clear water providing the perfect environment for the human animal, which is designed for moving as we invent our world through our movements. A rapid change of language is in forms of representation, which will rapidly alter as human communciational technology changes.