In conjunction with the Regeneration Lounge and its topics Dr. Lucas Pawlik already published several books and scientific articles.


Book Cover of "Understanding Understanding, Understanding Not-understanding"

The Book Cover of “Understanding Understanding, Understanding Not-understanding”

Understanding Understanding, Understanding Not-understanding

A cybernetic synthesis of realism and constructivism
This milestone of the science of cybernetics is based upon the work of Heinz von Foerster who contributed the foreword of the book.

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Book Cover of the book "Poetry of Science"

The Book Cover of “Poetry of Science”

Poetry of Science

A Public Personal Concern
This book speaks of the risk of having a dream and following it. If it is the dream of flying, of democracy, or the unity of thinking and acting, the failure in failing is little compared to the failure of not having a dream. A book about the adventure of understanding the unity of science and poetry, nature and art, dreaming and being awake, and to experience one’s personal history, human history, and evolution as one.

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Further Scientific Publications

School Shooting

In this article Lucas Pawlik examines the conditions, preventative measures and causes of school shootings based on one of the biggest studies conducted to this matter.
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How To Understand Giants?

How to combine the scientific progress and the insight of Socratis, to know that one doesn’T know anything?
This article shows this in playing with the perspectives of the great scientific thinkers Gregory Bateson and Heinz von Foerster.
Link to the full article on Emerald Insight

Forget the observer: the presence, the paradox and self-reference

How can you be one with the world and simultaneously have an autonome identity?
“Forget the Observer” is a scientific-philosophic language-game that makes this contradiction able to be experienced and solves it by experiencing oneself as part of this language-game.
Link to the full article on Emerald Insight

In Bed With Constructivism: A Metalogue

This synthesis of scientific presentation and theatre play shows Heinz von Foersters vision of “Systemic” as a unity of science and art, poetry and science, and Eastern spiritual and scientific thinking.
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