Guaysa!? Tea or Coffee?

 The opposite of “either” – “or” is something completely different Guayusa:

 …combining the best of Tea, Coffee and Chocolate!

The holy drink of the Amazon rain forest reaches back into a history of thousands of years and is still consumed daily as an intergenerational awakening ritual of its Indigenous inhabitants.

The archeological finding of an Ancient Medicine Men tomb attests that the use of Guaysa as a healing plant dates back thousand of years. Its rich  shaman heritage also  make Guaysa also part of the drink of “Drink of immortality” together with its infamous bigger brother Ayhuasca.

Containing more than twice as much Caffeine as a traditional green tea Guayusa combines its refreshing healing properties with the euphoric satisfaction of chocolate provided by Theobromine, mixed with muscle-relaxant effects of essential oils of the Guayusa leaf.

Additionally Guaysa effects our ability to dream and envision via Saponines and its special mix of secondary plant substances.  It is reported to increase the colorfulness, induce dreams of flying and lucid dreaming. One does not need to be a shaman to benefit from Guayusa, but the effects of Guayusa are enhanced through meditation, Lucid dreaming, Hypnosis,  trance-based practices like Tai Ji  or Yoga and a general openness to be mindful of your dream life as well as senses.

In Aztec culture Guayusa was called “the night watch” for its both awakening and calming effect enabled the aztec warriors to stay awake and then dream well after a hard night’s work…