Life needs no justification, but humanity needs to maintain our requisite variety of life forms to survive. In a complex world overspecialization breeds slow death. Thus the Life Ball openly celebrates the requisite variety we need in our lives.

In the beginning god created earth. Then she created humans and told them to have a ball. Thus the Viennese “Life Ball” was invented.

Whether you believe in science or religion, one thing is for certain: The Viennese Life Ball is a celebration of the human diversity of life. In pointing toward the open celebration of living our various ways of expressing our sexuality it is pointing toward the source and essence of life.

To understand life is to understand dancing.

While dancing may lead to procreation this is not necessarily the goal of dancing. Life isn’t any different. Just as in dancing, the meaning of life realizes itself moment for moment for moment. Life is not worth living because it leads up to something. Life is worth living because our way of living satisfies us. In choosing how we live we choose the freedom within constraints, which human life is about. Thus our biology does not determine how we live, but it is simply the context within which our choices of living do arise. In following our imagination, in living our dreams we are constantly changing our lives and its biology.

Without imagination there is no choice. Without choice there is no freedom.

To Dream is a Political Act

Those who promote realism, who tell us not to dream, take away our choices. They promote slavery, a state in which we simply have to accept whatever is given to us. It is not unpolitical to dream. Dreaming is the necessity for the freedom of choice and as, it follows the necessity for freedom itself. In this way thinking leads to being and being leads to thinking, both are inseparable.

Though freedom must begin within our minds it must not end there. In order to survive we must bring the requisite variety into the daylight of our lives. As such the Viennese Life Ball is an educational event. It informs us of the freedom we need to survive.