Philosophical Counseling The Future of Psychotherapy:

Those who say: “Thinking and Talking doesn’t matter!”, usually don’t no anything about either.

Philosophical Counseling is a holistic approach of listening and responding to the present person. In contrast to Psychotherapy or Coaching, the Philosophic Counselor actively takes part in the conversation and tells his own thoughts and observations. You don’t have to ill or sick to participate in Philosophic Counseling. In fact the healthier, the more aware you are, the more you will gain from Philosophic Counseling!

Recognize – Understand – Change
The goal of the counseling is a through gathering and deep understanding of the own life situation. Then there new visions and goals for the future life of the client can be developed and formulated. Emotional and mental blockades are treated during the sessions and changed into supporting patterns. If you know what you are doing while you are doing it you change.

Philosophical Counseling works best for people who are seeking a new orientation in life, concerning the relationship to oneself, or to others, or in the professional life and career.

Philosophical Counseling is now also available as On-line Counseling via Skype!

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