Evolutionary Movement (EM) – The Evolutionary Movement Meditation

Species-Specific Movement for Humans

Evolutionary Movement regenerates the balance of rest and movement. Through its synthesis of Tai Ji, yoga, and dance, Evolutionary Movement restores our natural freedom of movement.

Gentle to powerful flowing movements strengthen and mobilize the spine and joints. Muscle function chains are activated while walking, standing, sitting, and lying down. Mindfulness training and silent meditation at intervals potentiate the effect of these activation units.

Evolutionary Movement – A Method for Freedom and Security in All Life Circumstances

Evolutionary Movement is a playful, meditative exploration of our human movement vocabulary that enhances our behavioral neuroplasticity, proprioception, and regenerative capacity.

About the person: Mag. Dr. Lucas Pawlik

Through friendship and collaboration with the co-founder of global digitalization (cybernetics), and founder of the Biological Computer Laboratory Heinz von Foerster, the practice-oriented philosopher Lucas Pawlik became a cyberneticist himself. The research of learning and interaction processes between organism, cognition and environment through lecturing and publishing activities became his personal and professional life’s work.

Due to a serious car accident, the restoration of his own bio-psychic balance came to the fore. As an experienced Tai Ji, Qigong and meditation teacher, he developed a meditative movement therapy based on his cybernetic perspective: Evolutionary Movement(EM), a practice of meditation and trance to promote regeneration and resilience.

Dr. Lucas Pawlik