Ride a train don’t collapse on a train!

What does it mean to ride a train?

Is it possible to ride a train while your are writing?

Can you be upright, riding a train, breathing constinuousley, writing fluently, however slow, both at the same time?

Can you give awareness to the process of letting the energy flow to your head like a crown and beyond through Bahui, the upper gate?

Can you do this without writing?

Then you ride a train, all else is collapsing on a train!

Ride a train!

Put your feet on the floor and allow you spine to be completely upright. Use the motion of the train to let your spine sway, softly rocking. Seek you tailbones and let the spine extend from there. Hold your head upright as if you were wearing a crown in perfect balance, the neck long, the head floating on the body as if it was a balloon drifting off into the sky.

Let your rib-cage expand, allowing it to extend without any effort. It happens by itself, when it’s the right position or else it is not the right position and you must explore again where your balance lies.

This position really isn’t static. It is always moving, swaying. While your are alive true stillness is always happening in some kind of motion. This is Tai Ji, our existence as a moving organisation, forever slighty changing form, always as in our breathing and also in so many other ways. Our movement in stability, our stabilities in always changing movements, this is Tai Ji and this is a state of hyperstability. It is and they are, as it is our pattern of homeodynamics, it is many, many patterns of movements, configurations of the the nervous system, changing, developing, catapulting you in the state of bliss, you can only feel when you hold your head up high. You relax your face and your shoulders. Let your glance strive through this world, don’t stare and tense up your face. Being serious brings you too close to death. See the sun doesn’t frown. Only tense up, if there is a reason, if you have a goal that requires you to do so. And for the most part there never is, most things you thought you achieved through concentration and seriousness, could have been done more easily with a smile, lengthening your muscles, expanding your mind to deepen your perception or imagination. Both ways work well.

Do you notice how your body is pushed around during this train ride? When you notice, then that’s how life is. If you don’t it ain’t there. This goes for all things. Perceive them, imagine them and they are there this is perhaps the most powerful magic of life. In fact it is how life happens.

Let it happen! Forget yourself! Hold your head up high, swaying, riding, drift off, come back, be there and participate in how life is happening…