This happened on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004, 5 a.m.:

I just had the most amazing dream. And I woke up with the realization that freedom always requires imagination. Without imagination there is no choice. Without choice there is no freedom.

Those who promote realism, who tell us not to dream, take away our choices. They promote slavery, a state in which we simply have to accept whatever is given to us. It is not unpolitical to dream. Dreaming is the necessity for the freedom of choice and as, it follows the necessity for freedom itself. In this way thinking leads to being and being leads to thinking, both are inseparable. Therefore, especially in times of political or personal crisis those thoughts led me to another imperative “Follow the white rabbit!”

Whenever we see a possibility to dream, to imagine, we must follow its lead. Humanistically speaking it keeps us sane as it offers us choice. Politically speaking, it is our civil duty as it does the same for our country, for ourselves, our children, our friends and our relatives.
I’ve just awakened. I write to you, my friends as I know you have seen the white rabbit before in your life.

It is not silly, it is not unnecessary, it is not a hoax. It is the imperative of your personal and political freedom: Follow the white rabbit!

published in: p. 3 Patterns/Fall, 2004.