Your head up high. The rain pours. You don’t flinch.
Your steady warm breathing emanates warmth through your body.
The soaking wetness of your clothes, its water ripples down on your pulsing skin.
It does not enter your inside.
A smile rises.

No mistakes just navigation. You are moving, but there is no mover.
An intangible energy lifts the crown of your head.
The space behind your ears whitens.

In intervals awareness floods your concentration as your body transcends into a sensation.
The back raises as your lungs expand like the wings of an eagle soaring high up in the sky.
Your mind is the sun that’s burning.

Who is there to let go of your waste; to let your legs do the work?
Weightlessly they swing underneath your pelvis, kissed by each breath.
The pelvic floor is the earth you truly walk on.

In Turning you notice that your shoulders are truly the wings of your lungs.
Rhythm is the pattern of your walk, as your legs transform from substantial to unsubstantial; back and forth, as your body’s weight flows in and out, leaves and enters your feet, with its resonating sound more felt than heard by your body.

Use consciousness, not strength.

All you do is walking with the rain and everything thing that is, becomes bliss.