I am watching the sun dance. Rays of light break through the towering clouds of the winter sky. After a while a wave of thoughts emerges.

Weave thoughts like clouds! Everything is still. Everything is sound. Sound becomes still when the mind becomes still. Watch, listen, feel, even move, think. There is no danger in thinking with a calm mind. When thoughts drift like clouds, they might even build up a thunderstorm, but not with your doing. You will not be fatiqued, because you are not involved. To the still mind all this is but a fresh rain and some lightening. You can just watch your thoughts as they rise by themselves, listen to the voice in your mind when it’s talking. There has to be no opinion about this and if one arises you don’t have to care. Wave of thoughts like clouds, looking like all sorts of figures, drifting back and forward, imaginary is the kingdom of past and future. Be like the sun. Let your light shine on them. Be like a child, allow yourself to be scared or lured by these clouds of your imagination. Above all, notice what you are doing. You are weaving thoughts like clouds. Wave after wave comes and goes, builds up, tumbles down. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, always now; you will notice the gaps between those waves. If not, don’t worry, do worry, do whatever you do, sooner or later, but always now you will find out, that the gaps are just as real and illusionary as the clouds. All the stillness you will ever find, all the excitement comes from your watching. All is shaped by your mind. Mind the gap, but never mind. It is shaped by your mind too. Weave thoughts like clouds. In fact, with one step, out of your mind the sky is blue and nothing is, but what you do.

Welcome to your senses!

Everything is. Everything is an exploration. The presence knows no second guessing. Everything happens the first time. Now limit yourself to expand yourself, if you like to. You can focus on what you see. You can listen, smell, feel, but the longer your play in the realm of the senses, you feel, you find out that this separation of the senses, is no more, but an imagination of the mind.

Little did you know, when you thought experiencing is just putting all senses together. In the world of the senses however, all those crutches, that you have labeled as senses, melt away. Everything happens at once.

Allow everything to happen at once and your world of separations immerses. Now you are in it. Nothing separates your mind from this world. Well some thoughts may, but only if you let them stand in the way. Like a blanket you hold over your head, this veil of thoughts, a trick of the mind. When you think of it, you won’t notice anything in the world, but this thought. A trick of your mind!?! Simple as holding up a blanket in front of your head. If you are lucky you’ll see the blanket. Know thy thoughts. Most people however are trapped in imaginary darkness. Not noticing, what they are doing, they fight the most natural as if it was great evil, such as, when you focus on anything, everything around all seems to dissipate. When you expect something, sometimes it doesn’t happen! In fact if you focus at the right thing it never happens. You can expect what never happens. How cruel is that? Additionally life always brings up something by itself. What a disturbence! Can’t somebody stop it? Oh, if you had a moment of peace, you would look around and notice this disturbence is limitless and calls for nothing, but is eternal exploration.