The Regeneration Lounge is a platform for events ranging from (virtual), Seminars, lectures, work- and play shops with individuals and groups. We are how we relate. Therefore, if we relate, how you want to be, you can become, how you want to become. It is an autology of becoming.

We can re-configure, who we are, simply by relating differently and Group work enables us to channel our energies, to focus, while at the same time. Thus together, we can advance more than you could advance by yourselves. We you realize each other in the present encounter, the we and you becomes more important than the I. We experience an ecology of becoming together, in realizing our loving way, of living together.

  • Individual- and group setting
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Caunseling, Consulting, Conversation-Design
  • Work-and Playshops
  • Meditative Body Work
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Luzides Dreaming and dream interpretation
  • Trance und Hypnosis
  • Love, tenderness and trust as a lived experience of our biology of love/li>
  • Story-telling acting, languaging; Body language and responsible lying

Individual- and Group Settings

In the individual- and in the group setting themes like nourishment,Dreaming, Conversation, Meditative Bodywork et cetera can be fertilized as fields of conscious development. We work in guided Peergroup, which communicate virtually and bodily. Individual setting are based on philosophical caunseling, consulting and communication design.

Seminars and lectures

Seminars and lectures are available online via Youtube, Social Media, Online-Streaming: are moderater by Dr. Lucas Pawlik. In a collaboration, with different artists, actors the unique way of Pawlik Renates, makes obvious what is paradoxically both simple and clear as well as oracle-like and incomprehensible. “All life is pattern re-cognition.

Work- and Playshops for Adult Kids

Caunseling, Consulting and Conversation Design

Within the intimacy of a two or a three person setting the dialogue becomes a model of how we want to interact, how we picture ourselves within our story. We learn, how we realize our goals, how we must shape our conversations, so we can share our values and our passions. How we learn? How we realize our goals? We are af fusion of our five primary conversation partners and we see the world the see coming forth through our internal dialogue. We see the world, which we see coming forth through the way we shapes these essential dialogues. Philosophical, cybernetic counseling governs every domain of living. It is not about how we are labeled by others, but we become who we are, by being courageous in who we envision ourselves to be. Philosophisches Consulting umfasst alle Lebensbereiche. In conversation we enter a mythological journey in which we experience how we shape the narrative of our lives within the story we imagine ourselves to be.

Work- and Playshops for Adult Kids

In our work- and playshops dramturgically composed to expierence the ectasy and intensity of life to consciously experience body, mind and soul. Contact and encounter, stillness in movement, everything is present. Every Event takes place in a context embracing the atmosphere, contributing to a prosperous outcome.

Meditative Body Play
Meditative Body-Play unifies the advantages of eastern and western ways, mindful bodywork is an experience mixing elements of meditation, systemic and cybernetic hypnosis, the calmness and serenity of Tai Ji Juan and Qi-Gong, the adventure of trance, acting performance and non-performance steered by our passion and abilities. An adventure that can also be a therapeutic health body, mind and soul-therapy. It allows to saviour life sensually.

Tai Chi
In this seminar you learn to move your body in tune with your being and to experience and use this movement as meditation. This old Chinese form of health care helps to activate the body’s healing ability and lets the body’s energies flow.

Group size: 2-200 people
Interval: weekly

This seminar focuses on the relaxation of body and mind. The hectic everyday life is left behind and you are reconnected to your inner self and to the world. In this group the participants learn to experience themselves as part of the world and of the evolution and to follow the inner impulses in their lives.

Group size: 2-200 people
Interval: weekly

Dream Interpretation
Dreams influence our lives more than most of us are aware of. The goals that emerge from within us into our lives have their origin in our subconsciousness which communicates with us through our dreams. In this seminar we explore together the meaning of our dreams and what to be learned from them and what they tell us about our dreams and desires. The learning in the group speeds up our ability to understand our dreams and helps us to implement these insights into our lives.

Group size: 2-6 people
Interval: 1-2 twice a week

Trance and Hypnosis
Trance is a common companion through our everyday lives. While driving the car, cooking, reading, watching TV etc. we live in automatic behaviors and often act unconsciously in a trance state. In this seminar we explore together these trance states in our everyday lives and find out how we can use and steer them towards our goals. With the tools of the hypnosis we can go willingly into and out of our trances. The deeper our understanding about our subconscious behaviors, the easier and clearer we can change them.

Group size: 2-6 persons
Interval: 1-2 a week

Courage for Tenderness!?
Love and Playfulness: The Forgotten Fundamentals of Being Human
Love, tenderness, and trust are main values in the existence of every human being. They are the foundation for our relationships and our society. How can we observe and foster these values in our daily life? How can we stop making excuses for not living them?
Based on the neurobiology of love, these issues were taught and explored for more than seven years at the Danube University in a Provocative Pedagogy program. The results and methods of this learning process can now be experienced for the first time via stories and playful experiments.

The goal of this workshop is to understand and share love, tenderness, and trust in a playful manner, which we can bring into our everyday contexts.

Group size: 15-25 persons
Interval: variable

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